Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is FAP Turbo a Scam? - FAP Turbo Review.

3 Tech Geeks Swear Under Oath: "Our Forex Robot Is NOT ILLEGAL!"

FAP Turbo was first launched as a full purchase product into the public market on 25th November 2008. It was received well, with static images of trading accounts in profit, and a verifiable history of back testing to 1999 (and yes, through recognized economic slumps during this period the robot continued to stay in front!).

FAP Turbo sales were then, considering it's profitable presentation and history, outrageously good, and yes it is an amazing product. However of course there were (and still are) many people who wanted some user proof of profit before purchasing, so thankfully there have been some early and consistent users of the robot who have been kind enough to share their starting and ongoing FAP Turbo results with us online. So what have their results actually shown...?

Well as with my own results (which I won't divulge as I am currently new and trading only a small account) FAP Turbo has proven itself to make money absolutely! BUT...

I have not yet heard, nor seen myself, of anyone who has achieved consistent 100% ROI a month as the main website suggests.

However it is not all bad... it is common for FAP Turbo users to be achieving 30 - 40% on their initial investments! Not 100% sure, but still very good... and alluring. So $1000 should be making around $300 - $400 a month! Meaning of course that with a larger initial investment the robot is capable of providing us a full-time income!

Technically there are several different system setups for trading with FAP Turbo, where some setups appear to be working better than others, so I would advise you to do some research about how you want YOUR robot to trade, however all known trading setups ARE making positive returns. So if you are out to make some money online then FAP Turbo may well be for you!

I personally use and admire the autotrading robot, and I certainly hope that if you too choose to purchase FAP Turbo for yourself, YOU have wild success with it!

As a BONUS if you DO go through to purchase FAP Turbo after reading this blog review, I will email to you a copy of 'Insider's Guide To Forex Trading' absolutely FREE! This is designed as an 'aid' only, as FAP Turbo IS an autotrading robot that requires NO prior knowledge of Forex trading, but wouldn't it be nice to read about the subtleties of trading techniques while you make money!!! Simply comment me your FAP Turbo purchase receipt through this blog, I will check it with my records and email you 'Insider's Guide To Forex Trading' straight away.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maverick Money Makers Tips - #1 in Google Search!

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I just wanted to give huge props to Ezine Articles for giving me the platform to reach #1 position on Goggle for my favoured long tail keywords 'maverick money makers tips'.

It's not often that I see myself on the #1 position for a search that brings in nearly half a million results. Well to be honest, I've never seen myself in the #1 spot for anything I've personally created.

So it's a really great way to increase exposure to yourself, your business, your passion. Do a little research on the areas in your life that really interest you, then write a really snappy article around it.

I have found that the titles that really rank well in results are one starting with for example -
  • 10 ways to ....
  • 7 best ...
  • 3 critical ...
  • How to ...
  • Review of ...
  • Top 100 ...
These types of title are favoured because this is exactly what people are often searching. People want to know how, people want to know why, people want tips, reviews, and fast accurate to the point information about what they are interested in.

So do yourself a HUGE favor and go spend an hour or so writing up a 500 - 1000 word article based on something that interests YOU, within a keyword search of less than 1 million google results. You too may achieve the coveted #1 spot for a long time to come, which has got to be some of the easiest marketing EVER!

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