Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Steps To Success With The 10K Challenge

3 FREE 'Easy to Understand and Implement' Steps providing a success plan for new and existing members of The 10K Challenge (existing members can jump straight to Step 2!). 

Each step in this 3 Steps To Success process is 100% FREE! 

(Before you start this process make sure that you have an account with both Alertpay (now Payza) and PayPal. You can setup an account at both of these below if you have not got an account with these payment processors already.)

Now you are ready .... so on to the success formula!

Step 1 - Join The 10K Challenge .... For FREE!

This step is very easy to complete, requiring you to just fill out a simple form that includes your basic personal information. Verify your email by responding to the email sent to you from The 10K Challenge, and you are done. Move on to Step 2!

Step 2 - Refer Others .... For FREE!

This is where The 10K Challenge will really work for you, whether you are an experienced marketer or not. The 10K Challenge will build you, over the course of the next 30 days, into a recruiting expert! You simply follow the instructions given each day in your member area. 

All instructions are easily implemented, and are 100% FREE! Over the next 30 days you will begin to build a team of FREE 10K Challenge members from your link, who will each go through their back office checklist and sign up to the same programs and activities for FREE, the same that you did, under you. 

This really simple process is setting you up to earn multiple streams of income from all those who come into the challenge under you, and into all the income sources we join for FREE, a little later.

So now that you are all signed up, and getting into your member area checklist, you are ready for Step 3!

Step 3 - Keep Repeating Step 2 .... FOR FREE!

Ok so maybe this ISN'T a 3 Step process (really, you would never have believed me if I told you it was only 2 Steps!). 

Still we can think of Step 3 simply as GO TIME! 

Now you are a fully registered member, implementing your daily checklist, signing up to all the FREE traffic sources that are made available to you each day, and then using those traffic sources to build your team.

You have a growing team that is doing the exact same as you. They are signing up under you in ALL the traffic sources for FREE, and they are signing up people under them. You are starting to see a multi level matrix form below you in those traffic sources. 

This is good, because you will be upgrading later in those traffic sources (from profits, not your pockets) and getting paid!

Just keep your focus on referring new members using your FREE referral link. Keep doing what you have been doing since the first day you joined The 10K Challenge. The more people in your downline, the better it is for you!




I only included this brief introduction to Day 30 to show you that indeed you will be required to spend some money to make some money with The 10K Challenge. However joining this MAJOR income stream will cost you less than $30! We believe that most people who take on The 10K Challenge can actually afford this.

It IS an out of pocket expense though... make sure you can afford it.

But, in keeping with what has been happening the last 30 days, all the 10K members that you have been able to refer using your link and FREE advertising are going to be doing exactly the same as you on THEIR 30th day. 

They will be joining YOU, giving you INSTANT COMMISSIONS!

With the MAJOR program you join on Day 30, for under $30, you will get 100% of that back with your very first referral! 

Yes, that is right, 100% back with your very FIRST referral.

So what was money spent out of pocket, is very quickly put back INTO your pocket!

And that is how we create an INSTANT and SOLID stream of reliable income!

It is from this income that you will be able to pay yourself, AND, upgrade in the traffic sources you have already joined for FREE (giving you many, many multiple streams of additional income), AND, join the higher earning programs that will come up in your 10K Challenge member area in the coming months!

All this from a little out of pocket spend, under $30, that you get back almost instantly! Amazing really!!

As you continue to refer new people for FREE to The 10K Challenge, you are enabling yourself a significant and sustainable income for years to come. All The 10K Challenge programs are dutifully researched and stringently tested to ensure longevity. 

Possibly the most notable factor with The 10K Challenge is that your active downline is practically guaranteed to stay active with this system, eliminating THE MAJOR THREAT TO ALL REFERRAL TYPE BUSINESSES.

The 10K Challenge IS 100% FREE (with just one active referral) yet it allows members to build teams in some of the most profitable income sources online! You can build your income well into the 10's of 1'000's monthly over time, and that is without a doubt!

Can anyone do this? ABSOLUTELY YES, as long as they want to do it (... it is almost practically done already!) all you have to do is start at Step 1 and stick with it. 


Friday, June 15, 2012

The Golden Path - $2 EXPLOSION Compensation Plan.

The Golden Path - A revolutionary NEW automated income program that was launched just 2 short months ago, that to date has pulled in a total of 13395 verified members, of which 12084 are paid members, and which has paid out over $225000 in matrix earnings!

So what is it that makes The Golden Path so attractive to the masses, and so amazingly successful? 

Has it got an amazing website?.... No!

Has it got a bloated advertising budget?.... Not at all!

Has it got some big name 'gurus' backing and sharing it?... Nope.

Has it got a member area full of promo materials and upsales?... NO!

Is it flashy and full of HYPE and empty promises?.... Nooooo...

None of that usual stuff then...

So what exactly is it that is making this little known Biz-Opp The Golden Path so popular?

Has it got a unique, refreshing and rewarding compensation plan?.... YES!
Has it got a 'break-back' committed support team working for the benefit of the members and the program ONLY?.... YES!
Has it managed to deliver results EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED?.... YES!

Has it got something that NO OTHER matrix compensation plan has?.... Yes it has!

So what is this 'something'....?

The Golden Path likes to call it 'Infinite Sustainability'.... but what is it?

Infinite Sustainability - The ability of the $2 EXPLOSION Compensation Plan to run FOREVER, irrespective of how many members join or leave The Golden Path.

To explain exactly HOW The Golden Path $2 EXPLOSION Compensation Plan works would require a degree in Mathematical Engineering (if there is such a degree) but I certainly invite you to visit their site to view the video that explains, in simpler terms, how the Compensation Plan not only works, but works with Infinite Sustainability! (I encourage you to open this up in a new tab and watch the video if you wish to continue reading this post, otherwise you may think that I am pulling your leg!)

What I can explain here is that by joining The Golden Path you are putting yourself in a really GREAT position to make money online with 100% automation, where the system does ALL the work, and your job is simply to ensure that you have funds available in your back office account to afford your $2 daily subscription, until time that the system starts paying you.

.... Now I am sorry but I cannot put a definite time frame on this process of making money either, as it depends largely on the number of members moving through the matrix levels, and also on the speed of the subscription processing.

But. ... I can give you an estimate, and this is the estimate shown on the website and in any marketing material you might find elsewhere online.

A $2 daily subscription will, at the end of cycling 5 levels of The Golden Path matrix, be paying you $44 a day. So $2 a day turns into $44 a day. It is suggested that this should take around 90 days. So it will take 3 months for your subscription to mature, at which time you will continue to earn $44 a day, FOREVER!

Some quick math....

$2 x 30 days (1 month) = $60 a month
$44 x 30 days (1 month) = $1320 a month
Income less Expenditure
$1320 - $60 = $1260 a month IN YOUR POCKET!

 Some further math....

1 x $2 daily subscription = $1260 a month

3 x $2 daily subscriptions = $3780 a month

5 x $2 daily subscriptions = $6300 a month

10 x $2 daily subscription = $12,600 a month

Ok, so that's pretty impressive! And to impress you even further all The Golden Path members are allowed to have as many as 200 $2 daily subscriptions! Now, let me inform you I have done the calculations on that, and at a cost of $400 a day or $12,000 a month, the income results are suitably impressive.!


Getting into profit from the time you first setup your $2 daily subscription may take as long as 2 months as a worst case scenario. So if a member fails to fund their account with sufficient funds then those subscriptions will be immediately removed from your possession and added towards the benefit of the system as Angel positions (for more about Angel Positions watch the video to learn more about that...).

Once you are in profit you can cashout from your back office balance at anytime, leaving a minimum of $60 in your account to cover for any emergency. No members account can have a 0 or negative balance, and all accounts must be funded with at least $20.

That is all a The Golden Path member has to do, maintain their account balance. At first you will be checking daily to make sure you have enough in there, but before long you will be checking to see how much you can take out for the coming weekend!!!

Join The Golden Path today with as many $2 daily subscriptions as you can honestly afford. Watch them grow and maintain them over the next 4 - 6 weeks as they come into profit, then enjoy as you watch your account balance rise and rise and RISE! Use a balance of your earnings to purchase more $2 daily subscriptions, and then watch as they grow in the same way, while your first subscriptions continue to pay you at $44 a day each.

So what exactly IS The Golden Path?

Well The Golden Path is you, and me, maintaining and building our subscriptions, buying more subscriptions when we can (though it's not at all necessary, but... well... why not!), maintaining those new subscriptions and watching our others grow, earning a significantly increasing income on 100% automation!


Join today and I can honestly assure you this.... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Automated Income Vs Work Hard For Your Income.

Throughout this post I will link you to my programs of choice for each of the two subject areas, Automated Income Vs Work Hard For Your Income.

Now I have noticed already just from seeing you read the title of this post your face is turning a little pale, a slight shade of grey. Maybe the words 'Automated Income' have sent a shock wave of fear through your body. You look and feel a little nauseous because you already know that the costs associated with paying for your success are tremendously high, and so riddled with risk that you want to run away as fast as you can, before your money gets sucked out of your piggy bank and wasted on something that you know will not work.

So while it is generally perceived that Automated Income programs are going to cost a fortune, and won't work anyway, I can discreetly inform you (in a hushed and gentle tone) that indeed while there are some ridiculous claims circling around the net and carrying exorbitant price tags, there are actually some superbly crafted and generally affordable Automated Income programs available, that are setup and run by decent and honest people who have your interests as much at the heart of their program as their own. 

It is this type of program that will form the basis of this ultimate bloody battle to the death!

Now let's look at the competition, the Work Hard For Your Income scene. This is by far the more popular and prevalent of our two contenders, the prize fighter or the heavy-weight of the two you could say. It is currently the method of choice of millions of home business operatives worldwide! You want to be in control of your business, knowing that when you do something you will see the results, and that you can then work with those results, fine tune what you are doing, and therefore manage your business most effectively.

So what we have with our contenders is one that saves you time but costs you money, and the other that saves you money but costs you time. This really is a battle for the ages!

Automated Income, the good sort, the reliable and affordable sort (as in not the sort that pulls you in with promises of making you hundreds of thousands of dollars within a couple of months and asking you for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of your own money for the result) is actually quite popular, and here is why.

  • People DON'T know how to run a profitable business from home.
  • People DON'T have a lot of time on their hands to run their own business from home.
  • People DON'T get good results in their home business.
  • People DON'T normally stick to one business, because EVERY business out there looks better than the last, and current, and due to the other 3 reasons above they jump from business to business looking for 'the one that will FINALLY make money'.
 So with all this taken into consideration it is east to see why some smarter marketers are setting up these Automated Income programs. Because it is a MASSIVE niche waiting to be filled. 

So those marketers that are inexperienced and greedy and don't know how to do it properly will develop a flashy program that looks brilliant, promises so much, but is really just a personal cash grab. They set the price high, offer members no return policy, and promise you the world, but in the end they deliver you nothing. The results... well, you just got scammed, and they run, and you lose.

Not to despair however, because I did mention before that it is a MASSIVE niche. What that means is for those who are successful in creating a program that actually works for the people, in all ways, then there is a large responsive market out there just ready and waiting for you with their wallets out ready to go.

But how much is considered affordable when it comes to someone else creating YOUR financial independence? And how long should it take? 

Well... is there an acceptable price to pay for financial freedom? Is there an acceptable price to pay for something that can be seriously life-changing

The answer is easy... Yes there is. 

In the current world of Internet Marketing all programs have an affiliate program or referral program. For someone in such a program to really prosper they are as much reliant on the team below them as they are on themselves. In saying that, the more people they can get referred to their program then the more money they will earn. For this they should offer a price that is affordable, but one that allows them (the program owners) room to advertise and market the businesses on a level that reflects the timescale they have provided for achieving the said result.

It is your job to assess the information well before you join such a program. How much I am going to be paying? How long do they say it is going to take to achieve how much? Can I afford this until it starts to make me money? Do they have a return policy? Can I trust this program?

Once you have done this, and let's say for the sake of this argument you join, you are probably going to be in a situation where you are being a flat monthly fee, and ALL you have to do to grow your business is pay your monthly fee. Nothing more. This saves you A LOT of time, and we all know that time is money! 

If the program is a good one should be really quite affordable, like between $40 - $90 a month. Any program owner who has a whole bunch of these payments coming to them, to be used for promotional purposes, should be able to do quite a bit with that much. Anymore than that and you could be getting ripped off!

So that is Automated Income. Where a good program will charge you between $40 - $90 a month and do EVERYTHING, growing your business to magnificent success and financial reward. 

While YOU.... sit on the beach and ENJOY your time!

Work Hard For Your Income is what most of us are doing now, so how does it compete against Automated Income? Where automated income provides an income for you at a cost, working hard for your income gets the same results but takes your time instead of your money.

So what is more important ... money or time?

Being in control of your business is paramount for most people. We want to know that we are doing things we want to do it, contacting people when, where and how we want, placing people throughout our downlines the way we want them to be placed , and so much more. Having your own business is quite a personal experience and we like to keep it that way. 

Handing your business over to someone else, well, it's almost like having a child then sending it away to be brought up by someone else, in a hope to get better results. 

But we need to disassociate ourselves from this attachment and start to treat business as a business. Releasing the emotional attachments we have to our businesses can be a very positive thing. By doing this we can start to look at the most effective way to run the business, instead of the way that we want to run our business, and sometimes the best way is to have someone else do it for you.

But we want to keep running our own business, not release it into someone elses hands. We are comfortable that we can do it, we have the time, we just need to adapt our business to become something that IS going to get results. We have to adapt to a business model that IS PROVEN to work. But how do we know what works and what doesn't? 

We can either follow the model of a successful business, or we can find a business that has a success model built in, one that shows you what to do, when to do it, for how long to do it, and what results can be expected of followed exactly. A model that grows with the growth of our business, so in 2 months time when my business has grown I am not following the same model I did when i started.

In doing this you can expect to work a little more than the said required time, as most business checklists will reduce the time spent to a bare minimum to enhance the attractiveness of it. 

Never fall for the 'Spend just 5 minutes a day with this system and within just a few weeks you will be making tens of thousands a month' spiel. 

No Way! No business will ever become successful with 5 minutes of attention a day!

Expect to have to put in a good 45 minutes a day to your business. This will enable you to get quite a few things done, including customer contact. Any less than this and you are either not doing enough, or very effective at what you need to do.

Now the other thing is money. Yes running your own business is actually going to cost you money. However will that cost be less than having your business fully automated? Unfortunately not. The costs associated with having an Automated Business are sometimes LESS than that of doing it yourself. This is because when advertising and marketing is done in bulk, larger numbers, the cost decreases. As with most things in life, the more you purchase, the sweeter the deal. An Automated business can promote your business for less than it will cost you because they are promoting for many businesses and can therefore bundle all the advertising and marketing costs together to get some significant discounts, thereby charging the business owner less for their services.

So it seems that Working Hard For Your Income isn't all that great after all? Well for those of you who are, like me, eternal sufferers and emotional beings, the good part is that you are still running your own business , and there is a massive amount of satisfaction that comes from that. You can't get that same feeling anywhere else.

So to continue to work hard for your income, use a business that has a really tweaked to perfection system for growth, that allows you to do a set of tasks in a specified amount of time to get results, and that will grow with your business from level to level. Such a system will also be responsible to manage expenses, starting from scratch and building itself up from the profits of its previous marketing successes. 

If you CAN find a business like this, then there is a very good chance that you will be able to run your own business from home happily and healthily, achieving a magnificent level of success while still retaining ALL the hair on top of your head!

But If You Can Find Both An Automated Income Program AND A Work Hard For Your Income business, that have the qualities of that which has been detailed in this post, my advice to you would be to join BOTH. That way you are spending a little of both time AND money, but your returns will be maximized and you will have all the happiness and satisfaction you need to be able to call yourself SUCCESSFUL!