Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rocket Cash Cycler - RCC - Founder Prelaunch

The RCC Founder Prelaunch period is coming to an end. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to secure your founder position, prior to official launch on December 12 2012.

Here are the details of what RCC can do for you.
  • Earn $50 per upgraded referral.
  • Earn $500 when you cycle the Level 1 board.
  • Earn $7000 when you cycle the Level 2 board.
  • Earn $25000 when you cycle the Level 3 board.
RCC is a fast moving 3 Level 2x3 cycler.  To upgrade to earn commissions as a paid founder the cost is $300.

Get redy to earn sensational commissions. You only have a short time left to become a founder. Don't miss out! Click here to join.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Profit Clicking - Make Money Daily

In September 2012 Profit Clicking burst onto the online money-making scene practically overnight, from out of nowhere to quickly become ranked in the top 500 websites globally. Profit Clicking in this short time now receives over 2.5 million page views daily, from over 2 million registered members. Profit Clicking has achieved this by purchasing the now defunct Just Been Paid program from retiring owner Frederick Mann. All JBP members were transferred over to Profit Clicking, and the site is now fully operational.

So given the meteoric rise of this online income giant, if you haven't yet heard of Profit Clicking, NOW is the time you learned!

Profit Clicking is a online company whose annual revenue is generated through a variety of successful online products and services. Members can use Profit Clicking in a number of ways, mainly though for the purposes of generating traffic to their website/s, and also for generating an income from surfing other members sites.

Members are given $10 FREE when they join, used to purchase their very first Ad Package. The Ad Pack provides the opportunity to receive traffic to your website/s, with each $10 Ad Pack providing 1000 site views. It is clearly obvious for internet advertisers that Profit Clicking is providing something really fantastic here, just $10 for 1000 site views, from a member base of 2 million online moneymakers.... WOW!

The $10 is like a loan however and needs to be paid back, but given that it is guaranteed to make you $15, it is a $5 winner!

For those who want to earn money with Profit Clicking there is the opportunity to become an IBO (Independent Business Owner) and earn $15 on every $10 Ad Pack purchased, at a rate of 2% on weekdays and 1% on weekends. This is a super way to make money online, and requires only that you surf 3 member sites daily (a total 1 minute viewing time) to earn your daily 2% / 1%.

By purchasing Profit Clicking Ad Packs you will begin to make money daily! Your income is stored in your Profit Clicking account until which time you can choose to either withdraw the funds using your favorite payment processors, or to purchase more Ad Packs!

By purchasing more Ad Packs you begin to increase the amount of money you receive daily from your daily surfing activities. By logging in daily and purchasing more Ad Packs as soon as funds become available you can very quickly start to build up your account, making more money daily than ever before.

There is a calculator here to show you how much money you can earn with the Profit Clicking Ad Packages traffic program. Start small and grow your account, or start BIG and grow your account while withdrawing a second income for yourself!

Profit Clicking has been built as the 98% Solution, for the 98% of people who are struggling to make money online.

Other ways to earn money with Profit Clicking are through referral earnings, where Profit Clicking will pay you 10% of your first level referrals Ad Pack purchases, and 5% of your second level referrals Ad Pack purchases. If you can build a large downline by referring a lot of people, you can earn a lot of money this way!

Profit Clicking will also pay you on your referrals membership upgrades. There a 4 levels of membership at Profit Clicking. The first level of membership (Level 0) is FREE, this is where everyone starts. The second level (Level 1) costs members $15 every 3 months and doesn't pay any referral commissions. The 3rd level (Level 2) costs $57 every 3 months and pays 50% ($28.50) referral commission, and the 4th level (Level 3) costs $117 every 3 months and pays 50% ($58.50) referral commission.

But that's not all, as Profit Clicking will also pay you $5 for every PC Panel your first level referrals complete, and $2.50 for every PC Panel your second level referrals complete. (see PC Panel description below).

These combined referral commissions, from Ad Packs purchases, membership upgrades and PC Panel completion, can make BIG BIG MONEY for you! Profit Clicking Top Earners show that up to 50% of their income from Profit Clicking comes from referral commissions!

The PC Panel Program. This program is a little more complicated than the Ad Package earnings, and can be described simply as a 1x2 matrix that costs $20. You can purchase PC Panels, or you can simply earn them via the maturity of your Ad Packs (see below). Once a PC Panel matrix completes you earn $60! To complete each matrix there are a number of ways.

Firstly, the Ad Package purchases of your first level referrals help to complete your PC Panels. According to Profit Clicking every 1st and 3rd Ad Pack purchase of your referrals aids in the completion of your PC Panels.

Secondly, for each 4 Ad Packs you own that expire (reaching maturity after having earned you $15 each) you will receive 1 FREE PC Panel, then for every 3 PC Panels you achieve you will complete a matrix and receive a $60 payment! The more Ad Packs you purchase the more you will see results from your PC Panels.

Thirdly, there are some other features available at cost through Profit Clicking to help speed the process of filling your PC Panel matrices in the form of Standard, Turbo and Nitro Accelerators. These are recommended for ALL members, but will be specifically necessary for those who are not actively referring new members to Profit Clicking, and for those who do not have a lot of Ad Packs expiring regularly. More information on these Accelerators can be found inside your Profit Clicking member area.

So it stands to say here that Profit Clicking is certainly a way to make money online daily! With ALL the ways to get paid, the most significantly of which requires ZERO referring and even $0 out of pocket (remember the FREE $10 when you start, yes you CAN actually build this up within 12 months to quite a significant monthly income!).

Profit Clicking is 100% FREE to join and can be done easily without having to jump through hoops of fire. Once inside you will find that the member support is outstanding, the back office layout very easy to navigate and interact with, and the earning potential as described here in this post is as real as it sounds. You can track your money with all activities relating to your account updating instantly in your dashboard.

If you are not a member of Profit Clicking already I highly recommended you become one, and I would imagine by 2 million other members around the globe do too. You will not regret it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Steps To Success With The 10K Challenge

3 FREE 'Easy to Understand and Implement' Steps providing a success plan for new and existing members of The 10K Challenge (existing members can jump straight to Step 2!). 

Each step in this 3 Steps To Success process is 100% FREE! 

(Before you start this process make sure that you have an account with both Alertpay (now Payza) and PayPal. You can setup an account at both of these below if you have not got an account with these payment processors already.)

Now you are ready .... so on to the success formula!

Step 1 - Join The 10K Challenge .... For FREE!

This step is very easy to complete, requiring you to just fill out a simple form that includes your basic personal information. Verify your email by responding to the email sent to you from The 10K Challenge, and you are done. Move on to Step 2!

Step 2 - Refer Others .... For FREE!

This is where The 10K Challenge will really work for you, whether you are an experienced marketer or not. The 10K Challenge will build you, over the course of the next 30 days, into a recruiting expert! You simply follow the instructions given each day in your member area. 

All instructions are easily implemented, and are 100% FREE! Over the next 30 days you will begin to build a team of FREE 10K Challenge members from your link, who will each go through their back office checklist and sign up to the same programs and activities for FREE, the same that you did, under you. 

This really simple process is setting you up to earn multiple streams of income from all those who come into the challenge under you, and into all the income sources we join for FREE, a little later.

So now that you are all signed up, and getting into your member area checklist, you are ready for Step 3!

Step 3 - Keep Repeating Step 2 .... FOR FREE!

Ok so maybe this ISN'T a 3 Step process (really, you would never have believed me if I told you it was only 2 Steps!). 

Still we can think of Step 3 simply as GO TIME! 

Now you are a fully registered member, implementing your daily checklist, signing up to all the FREE traffic sources that are made available to you each day, and then using those traffic sources to build your team.

You have a growing team that is doing the exact same as you. They are signing up under you in ALL the traffic sources for FREE, and they are signing up people under them. You are starting to see a multi level matrix form below you in those traffic sources. 

This is good, because you will be upgrading later in those traffic sources (from profits, not your pockets) and getting paid!

Just keep your focus on referring new members using your FREE referral link. Keep doing what you have been doing since the first day you joined The 10K Challenge. The more people in your downline, the better it is for you!




I only included this brief introduction to Day 30 to show you that indeed you will be required to spend some money to make some money with The 10K Challenge. However joining this MAJOR income stream will cost you less than $30! We believe that most people who take on The 10K Challenge can actually afford this.

It IS an out of pocket expense though... make sure you can afford it.

But, in keeping with what has been happening the last 30 days, all the 10K members that you have been able to refer using your link and FREE advertising are going to be doing exactly the same as you on THEIR 30th day. 

They will be joining YOU, giving you INSTANT COMMISSIONS!

With the MAJOR program you join on Day 30, for under $30, you will get 100% of that back with your very first referral! 

Yes, that is right, 100% back with your very FIRST referral.

So what was money spent out of pocket, is very quickly put back INTO your pocket!

And that is how we create an INSTANT and SOLID stream of reliable income!

It is from this income that you will be able to pay yourself, AND, upgrade in the traffic sources you have already joined for FREE (giving you many, many multiple streams of additional income), AND, join the higher earning programs that will come up in your 10K Challenge member area in the coming months!

All this from a little out of pocket spend, under $30, that you get back almost instantly! Amazing really!!

As you continue to refer new people for FREE to The 10K Challenge, you are enabling yourself a significant and sustainable income for years to come. All The 10K Challenge programs are dutifully researched and stringently tested to ensure longevity. 

Possibly the most notable factor with The 10K Challenge is that your active downline is practically guaranteed to stay active with this system, eliminating THE MAJOR THREAT TO ALL REFERRAL TYPE BUSINESSES.

The 10K Challenge IS 100% FREE (with just one active referral) yet it allows members to build teams in some of the most profitable income sources online! You can build your income well into the 10's of 1'000's monthly over time, and that is without a doubt!

Can anyone do this? ABSOLUTELY YES, as long as they want to do it (... it is almost practically done already!) all you have to do is start at Step 1 and stick with it.