Monday, March 9, 2009

3 tips to a successful start with Maverick Money Makers

It is becoming widely recognized that the Mack Michaels Maverick Money Makers Online Income Coaching Club IS an excellent place to learn the techniques required to become a Master Affiliate Marketer and build a 6 figure income. But...'s one thing to just join Maverick Money Makers, and it's another thing to join Maverick Money Makers and start SUCCESSFULLY!

3 tips to getting the most out of Maverick Money Makers membership quickly are outlined below.

Firstly do not get 'bogged down' with the amount of information inside the members area. Mack Michaels has posted literally hundreds of hours of videos into the members area, and an eager starter may find themselves lost in a video nightmare, missing out on something that could be making them money NOW if they had just stopped viewing and started implementing. Modules including video training include

- Complete core training systems
- Quick money blueprint systems (This one is hot!)
- Brilliant niche marketing ideas
- Turnkey products to sell
- Skill set training systems
- Your point and click rolodex
- Millionaire mindset coaching

Secondly, and this is important, you need to think like you used to when you were at school (and if you are still at school keep doing what you are already doing) and take notes and study your notes. Also remember... THERE IS A PAUSE BUTTON ON THE VIDEOS... USE IT! It is of paramount importance to pause the videos to take notes on anything that is important. Then save your notes for reference later indexed to the video they came from. This way you can easily search for your information when you need it.

Thirdly some people skip the training videos and go straight to the 'Quick Money Blueprints'. This is actually not a bad way to go while you are coming to terms with the requirements of setting up your more serious affiliate campaigns. Within the quick money section you will find vital information and techniques for making money NOW in areas including

- Fast Action Guides
- Magical Auctions
- Free Trial Offers
- Adbrite Mastery
- Yahoo Answers
- Google Trends
- Super Affiliate
- eBay Trading

Each blueprint is accompanied by a precise step-by-step video tutorial which runs for about 50 minutes. These are HOT and are totally implementable within your first hour into the Maverick Money Maker membership.

If you are already an Advanced Affiliate Marketer then perhaps there is not much for you inside the club... yet! Mack is constantly in the process of updating the existing components of the club with more videos and more techniques, and also adding new tools. One product new to the Club this month reverse engineers the marketing techniques of the best marketers and the hottest products. This update alone could well be worth the cost of your entire membership, but then there is so much else within the club that is worth the cost of the entire membership that there really is no way that you could NOT pull profits... unless of course you just joined and did absolutely nothing!

I hope you get the most out of your membership with this information.... and remember


Best of luck.

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