Monday, December 14, 2009

i5 Update - It's Performing Better Than Ever.

I want to take the opportunity, before things get so hectic and pleasurable at the same time over the festive season, to inform you, and show you, how my i5 team has grown since I first joined on September 30 2009. It's literally only been a couple of months... but what a promising couple of months they have been!

When I last updated my blog with a post and picture of my i5 team development (at this time it was still called 'Get The Bar') it was mid October, so I had been going at it for about 3 weeks. My marketing methods had been 100% FREE, using only the social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Sokule. To this day I have not spent a cent on marketing i5 (except for my internet connection), and my i5 team continues to grow fantastically well...

... and it could certainly grow even better too if you were to join...

So i have included this picture which is current as of todays post date. This will give you some indication of the power of this 100% FREE moneymaker. Lots of people like to join, and then when they do a little free promotion they find they get good results. I do hope that you will join me too! I look forward to seeing you on my i5 team, and part of the greater i5 community of moneymakers!

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