Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cherry Shares - Investing In YOUR Future.
Are you interested in financial independence?

Are you frustrated by the turmoil in conventional financial markets and the demise of well-known HYIPS?

Cherry Shares is a REAL business making REAL money by engaging in trading activities around the world.

You've found the right place to start!

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What Is Cherry Shares?

‘Investing without research is like playing poker without looking at the cards’'

Cherry Shares is a Brooksell Universal Limited Company. Registration No. 2164408, issued on 25 August 2008.The arena of private investing has always been the exclusive domain of the extremely rich. A few years ago we started a private investment pool that was available to only a select few for investment opportunities that start at $1,000,000. More recently we opened the door to a wider group of people through the Internet ... and it worked!

Our program has been successful since 2008, and went online in early 2009.

Our pool is the first step to open the ‘gate’ to financial success for all people, regardless of their social status or income.

Cherry Shares engages in highly profitable trading activities and “arbitrage exchange” – converting currencies in selected countries around the world where there is a difference between the market rate and the official rate of exchange.

It is still about 70% off-line and employs about 200 people around the world.

We have never invested into businesses connected with illegal activities, and do not cooperate with financial companies that are somehow connected with that kind of income.

Investing in Cherry Shares provides you with an opportunity to control your financial destiny, to spend your time as you wish, with people you love, perhaps even without the need for a job!

OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT. It takes just 1 minute!

What does Cherry Shares offer?

Plan / Rate of Interest / Miminum Investment / Date of Balance Withdrawal

Short Term. 5.8% Weekly. $50USD/EURO. Withdraw weekly from date of initial investment

Daily (NEW!). 1.1% Daily. $50USD/EURO. Withdraw 315 days from date of initial investment

Medium Term. 8.7% Weekly. $10,000USD/EURO. Withdraw 50 weeks from date of initial investment

Long Term. 9.9% Weekly. $20,000USD/EURO.Withdraw 75 weeks from date of initial investment

Compounding is available on the Daily, Medium Term and Long Term plans. Set up your free account here and use the Cherry Shares calculator to learn exactly how much you can earn on your investment.

Investment Examples

Invest $1000 in the Short Term plan and you can withdraw $58 weekly.

Invest $350 in the daily plan WITH compounding and in 315 days you can withdraw the balance of $10,513.

Invest the minimum $10,000 in the Medium Term plan and in 50 weeks you can withdraw the balance of $44,370.

Invest the minimum $20,000 in the compounding Long Term plan and in 75 weeks you can withdraw the balance of $26,092,870.

A Cherry Shares Account Is Much Better Than Bank Account, Paying You Up To 39.6% A Month On Your Investment!

OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT. It takes just 1 minute!

Don't Have Money To Start? Use The Cherry Shares Affiliate Program!

Are you searching for ways to make money without spending money? The Cherry Shares affiliate program is intended for those who want to earn right now.

Sign Up for your FREE account and you receive a unique link that leads to our site. You can distribute this all over the internet, not violating international laws regarding spam. All people who get registered at our site via your link and then invest money become your referrals, and you receive commission from their deposits. Commission is paid at once with any successful deposit, thus your interest depends on how many people you were able to attract to our project. It is calculated according to the following scheme:

1 - 5                                       3%                              6%                            10%
6 - 15                                     5%                             10%                           15%
16 - 35                                   7%                             15%                           20%
36 - ANY                                10%                           20%                           25%

Commission is transferred into your account immediately after a successful deposit by your referral, and neither hold-periods nor fees are applicable to them. You can apply for payment in an instant.

No need to be an investor yourself, it is enough to simply have an account registered and to visit a ‘Referrals’ section where you will receive your unique link and watch for your referrals statistics.

How much do the richest referrers earn?

The largest payout at this time is $1,850,000.00 USD for a month's activity! Average referrers earn from $250.00 USD up to $7,000.00 USD monthly.

Cherry Shares - Investing In YOUR Future!

Making decisions on how and where to invest is never easy. Now it's time to think about what you're going to do with your capital. You may want to invest your money in low-risk opportunities, which have fixed returns. However, you may want to put your money in stocks or Forex which have the potential to yield higher long-term returns with added risk. Before you make any final decisions it would be wise to weigh all of your options first. Remember that the best decision is an informed decision and when it comes to your financial future you should want to make the decision that is best for you. Cherry Shares invites you to participate in high profitable investing with fixed interest.

OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT. It takes just 1 minute!

Your PROSPEROUS Future Awaits!

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