Friday, June 15, 2012

The Golden Path - $2 EXPLOSION Compensation Plan.

The Golden Path - A revolutionary NEW automated income program that was launched just 2 short months ago, that to date has pulled in a total of 13395 verified members, of which 12084 are paid members, and which has paid out over $225000 in matrix earnings!

So what is it that makes The Golden Path so attractive to the masses, and so amazingly successful? 

Has it got an amazing website?.... No!

Has it got a bloated advertising budget?.... Not at all!

Has it got some big name 'gurus' backing and sharing it?... Nope.

Has it got a member area full of promo materials and upsales?... NO!

Is it flashy and full of HYPE and empty promises?.... Nooooo...

None of that usual stuff then...

So what exactly is it that is making this little known Biz-Opp The Golden Path so popular?

Has it got a unique, refreshing and rewarding compensation plan?.... YES!
Has it got a 'break-back' committed support team working for the benefit of the members and the program ONLY?.... YES!
Has it managed to deliver results EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED?.... YES!

Has it got something that NO OTHER matrix compensation plan has?.... Yes it has!

So what is this 'something'....?

The Golden Path likes to call it 'Infinite Sustainability'.... but what is it?

Infinite Sustainability - The ability of the $2 EXPLOSION Compensation Plan to run FOREVER, irrespective of how many members join or leave The Golden Path.

To explain exactly HOW The Golden Path $2 EXPLOSION Compensation Plan works would require a degree in Mathematical Engineering (if there is such a degree) but I certainly invite you to visit their site to view the video that explains, in simpler terms, how the Compensation Plan not only works, but works with Infinite Sustainability! (I encourage you to open this up in a new tab and watch the video if you wish to continue reading this post, otherwise you may think that I am pulling your leg!)

What I can explain here is that by joining The Golden Path you are putting yourself in a really GREAT position to make money online with 100% automation, where the system does ALL the work, and your job is simply to ensure that you have funds available in your back office account to afford your $2 daily subscription, until time that the system starts paying you.

.... Now I am sorry but I cannot put a definite time frame on this process of making money either, as it depends largely on the number of members moving through the matrix levels, and also on the speed of the subscription processing.

But. ... I can give you an estimate, and this is the estimate shown on the website and in any marketing material you might find elsewhere online.

A $2 daily subscription will, at the end of cycling 5 levels of The Golden Path matrix, be paying you $44 a day. So $2 a day turns into $44 a day. It is suggested that this should take around 90 days. So it will take 3 months for your subscription to mature, at which time you will continue to earn $44 a day, FOREVER!

Some quick math....

$2 x 30 days (1 month) = $60 a month
$44 x 30 days (1 month) = $1320 a month
Income less Expenditure
$1320 - $60 = $1260 a month IN YOUR POCKET!

 Some further math....

1 x $2 daily subscription = $1260 a month

3 x $2 daily subscriptions = $3780 a month

5 x $2 daily subscriptions = $6300 a month

10 x $2 daily subscription = $12,600 a month

Ok, so that's pretty impressive! And to impress you even further all The Golden Path members are allowed to have as many as 200 $2 daily subscriptions! Now, let me inform you I have done the calculations on that, and at a cost of $400 a day or $12,000 a month, the income results are suitably impressive.!


Getting into profit from the time you first setup your $2 daily subscription may take as long as 2 months as a worst case scenario. So if a member fails to fund their account with sufficient funds then those subscriptions will be immediately removed from your possession and added towards the benefit of the system as Angel positions (for more about Angel Positions watch the video to learn more about that...).

Once you are in profit you can cashout from your back office balance at anytime, leaving a minimum of $60 in your account to cover for any emergency. No members account can have a 0 or negative balance, and all accounts must be funded with at least $20.

That is all a The Golden Path member has to do, maintain their account balance. At first you will be checking daily to make sure you have enough in there, but before long you will be checking to see how much you can take out for the coming weekend!!!

Join The Golden Path today with as many $2 daily subscriptions as you can honestly afford. Watch them grow and maintain them over the next 4 - 6 weeks as they come into profit, then enjoy as you watch your account balance rise and rise and RISE! Use a balance of your earnings to purchase more $2 daily subscriptions, and then watch as they grow in the same way, while your first subscriptions continue to pay you at $44 a day each.

So what exactly IS The Golden Path?

Well The Golden Path is you, and me, maintaining and building our subscriptions, buying more subscriptions when we can (though it's not at all necessary, but... well... why not!), maintaining those new subscriptions and watching our others grow, earning a significantly increasing income on 100% automation!


Join today and I can honestly assure you this.... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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